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The needs generated by the COVID 19 emergency may have left thousands of older people across the state in need of support in buying medicine and food as well as other essentials. Help by downloading the App!
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¿Que es COVIDA?
It is an application that was created with the aim of creating a network of help and support for older people or people with a risk profile who are in a vulnerable situation due to the health emergency caused by Covid 19.

We verify the identity of volunteers using Regula Forensics software to scan their IDs, passports, driver's licenses


The first time you enter the application you are shown a small step-by-step tour that guides you and explains the main sections.


The application is available for all major platforms, iOS and Android, through their respective stores.

A large network of volunteers
The application is already working internationally.

More and more volunteers and organisations are signing up to the application in order to show and support all those older people and/or those with a risk profile who may need help because of the vulnerable situation they are in.

We have also set up a telephone number to attend to anyone who may need it.

Other features
A little more about COVIDA
Voluntary mode

You can activate and deactivate the voluntary mode at any time and as many times as you want, so you can decide when you want to receive help request notifications.

Publication system

From the application you can make publications and attach images to communicate with the community and that anyone can comment on it.

In-app alert system

Through a small panel on the main screen the application displays information to users about actions to be taken or changes in the application and alarm status legislation.

Application Screenshoots
You can download it now
The application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store
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